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Dear Urbana,

1. Office workers Please save one-sided paper for reuse at local elementary schools – this lowers energy and costs, eliminating the following steps: Transporting to recycling facility Recycling process Packaging and distributing to stores Transporting back to homes and businesses INSTEAD a. Place a collection box with a sign at work for reusable one-sided paper; b. Take one-sided office paper to an elementary school on the way home from work.

Urban Planning & Public Space

Dear Bremerton,

Consider investing in the parts of the city where your residents live, rather than continually beautifying the commuter corridor for people who spend their time, money, and energy elsewhere.

Sport & Recreation

Dear Morwell,

can latrobe valley authority put funds towards support of our incredible neighbourhood house? focus on sports and infrastructure is nice but does nothing to build community resilience. balance the sports aupports with funding for nh